Sony Patents Tactile Touch for Portables

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.06.2008 9

New patented handheld technology from Sony may suggest a touch-screen follow-up to PSP could be on the way.

The American division of electronics giant Sony was granted a new patent involving the use of "touchscreen and digital tactile pixels" with "game device" listed as one of the potential uses for the technology.

According to Joystiq tactile response comes in the form of vibration feedback, and it may be some time before or if the technology is put to good use. Interestingly enough former Sony exec Phil Harrision, now of Infogrames, was listed as inventor when originally filed back in January.

Do you think this has the potential to become a new gaming device for Sony, or would it be more likely be seen in future attempts to crack the touch-screen multimedia player market?

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Actualy, I think Immersion Corp already had tactile touchscreens for awhile.
Seemed like a great idea to me.
To "feel" the press of an onscreen button more like a light keyboard then a hard surface. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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meh...should of seen this one coming

I like it.
And Nintendo better catch up and do something similar as well Smilie

Sony copies Nintendo. Oh big shocker there. Smilie

I wouldn't say Sony copied Nintendo. Nintendo were just the first ones to really elevate the idea of touch screen idea (which has been around for ages) to the public.

Yeah Nintendo wasn't the first to use the touch screen.

Nintendo didn't invent the touch screen kids, most portable devices use a touch screen. My MP3 player, DS, camera and phone have one.

It was inevitable.

i'll make sure to have one!

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