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By James Temperton 19.08.2003 1

We take a look at the GameBoy Player!

A stylish beast!
Image for Hardware Review | GameBoy Player
Image for Hardware Review | GameBoy Player
Image for Hardware Review | GameBoy Player

Neatly slotting into the bottom of you GameCube the GameBoy Player is a smart bit of kit allowing you to play GameBoy games on the big screen!

Well, we've finally got a Game Boy Player - which seamed to be sold out everywhere. There are many peripherals for the GameCube - but this is one of the best we've seen.

Firstly, a lot of people have criticised the GBP, saying that it was only made because people were complaining that Game Boy Advance games were hard to see on the small screen. This is wrong because on the Game Boy Advance SP, all games can be viewed perfectly - and games can be seen pretty well on the original GBA as well (only some darker levels/games were a slight struggle with the original machine). These people obviously never owned a GBA/GBASP.

Secondly, we think its great value. It costs

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