Rhythm Heaven Adverts & Demo Video

By Adam Riley 24.07.2008 6

Nintendo has now started airing adverts for its new DS game 'Rhythm Tengoku Gold' in Japan (known as Rhythm Heaven in the West), as well as a new demo of the game, which has been captured on video as well.

Check out the clips below:

Japanese Advert Collection

Video of the Demo Version

The game hits Japan at the end of this month...

Box art for Rhythm Paradise








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Chorus Men was funny xD

Guest 24.07.2008#2

The most fun factory work you\'ll ever do.

Strange choice for a model in that first video.

( Edited 24.07.2008 15:50 by Bart.... )

It looks absolutely glorious. If you go to the official website you\'ll hear some music that fills me with utter joy and hope that this can actually stand up to the first one. I think it mentions there being 50 levels as well, but I dare not venture further into the site for fear of ruining it.

If you mean the...man in the first video Bart, it\'s because he\'s from a Japanese rock band called The Alfee. Smilie

EDIT: That\'s why he was picked, I mean. That\'s not the reason for him looking like he rolled through a paint factory and put a random wig on.

( Edited 25.07.2008 18:45 by Mason )

Guest 25.07.2008#4

Haha, yeah I was wondering why they picked a drag queen.

The game is something I would buy definitely, as long as it has substantial content to keep me busy.

Put it this way - the first game is so replayable that I still whack it on every couple of weeks nearly two years after its release, and I love it even more now than back then. I loaned it to my sister the other week as she'd just got a DS, and she somehow managed to wipe my save data. I was mad for about 2 seconds before realising it was just the perfect excuse to play through it again...and then a few hours of my life mysteriously disappeared that night.

If Gold is half the game the first was, I'll be disappointed that it isn't as good but it'll probably still crap over most of the stuff on the market. That's how much I thought of the first one. The only reason it never got a review here was because I didn't have the time when it came out, but in hindsight I'm glad I didn't. I would have given it an 8 then, whereas now I'd honestly put it in my top ten games of all time.

Guest 28.07.2008#6

THnkas man, mason dude.

I"ll want it even more now. First up is Soul Bubbles though. That game looks great too.

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