Captain Rainbow Dated in Japan

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.07.2008 2

The obscure action game from skip Ltd has been dated in Japan: August 2008!

According to a Nintendo event being held in Japan today, the game is due to hit stores in the country on 28th August 2008 for 6,800Yen.

The game revolves around the character of Nick who's alter-ego is the quirky, yo-yo weilding, "Captain Rainbow". He travels to Minmin Island in a bid to restore his lost popularity, in a place where dreams supposedly come true.

Box art for Captain Rainbow








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I can see a movie adaptation coming soon. Directed by Disney!

pfft, It's called Captain Rainbow but the way the game uses colour is sooo dull. It needs to brighten up the colours to be as colourful and good as Wind Waker's.

Rainbows are nice and colourful not plain and boring.Smilie

Haha looks awesome, but I am like 85% certain it won't make it to the west, oh well, I can import it, I can speak a little Japanese.

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