Marvelous Confirm Exclusive WiiWare Project

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.07.2008 2

Legendary Japanese developer Marvelous have confirmed in an interview that a WiiWare project is in development.

Speaking to Siliconera, it was confirmed that a downloadable project is already being crafted, and it seems like a WiiWare exclusive.

Three to five years is a long time and that has to be good for XSEED. For Marvelous USA or Marvelous in general have you thought about doing digital download games like Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, or WiiWare?

Actually we're working on a downloadable title.

For which platform?


Is it a Harvest Moon game?

No, a brand new title.

In other news, fantasy role-playing game Arc Rise Fantasia may be heading to Western shores via XSEED.

What about Arc Rise Fantasia? Have you thought about bringing that to North America?

We are considering to release Arc Rise Fantasia in the US too. Since XSEED has experience releasing RPGs in the US we will consider them as the publisher for Arc Rise Fantasia.

Be sure to check out Siliconera's interview with Marvelous for more information.

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Woot!! XSeed are pretty damn good developers so I'm happy to hear this.

This is great news, looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Really hope Arc Rise Fantasia also comes out to the West!

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