More Details on SEGA's Wii Visual Novel '428'

By Adam Riley 07.08.2008 1

With Chunsoft and SEGA already bringing the PS3 visual horror novel 'Imabikisou' to Wii in Japan in the near future, more details have now emerged on the duo's brand new title '428'. For those interested in the Ace Attorney games and other text-based adventures such as those, it should be hoped that SEGA decides to give both Imabikisou and 428 a chance in the West, but sadly so far nothing has been confirmed.

428: The World Doesn't Change Even is set for release towards the end of 2008 in Japan and is an adventure based in the bustling Shibuya district of Tokyo (the setting of Square Enix's excellent The World Ends With You on DS), similar to Chunsoft's highly rated 1998 visual novel 'Machi'. Players take on the role of various different characters throughout the story, switching between them all as the tale progresses and the details of the morning in Shibuya where everything goes wrong start to unfold.

As 1UP details,

"So far, five of 428's player-characters have been introduced, although more are likely in the offing. Achi Endo is a garbage collector and former street-gang leader who gets in trouble when he saves a young girl from a gun-wielding criminal. Shinya Kano is a police detective on stakeout in Shibuya's busiest street crossing as he searches for a kidnapper. Kenji Osawa is a pharmaceutical research director who suddenly receives a text message about human experimentation his company is allegedly up to behind his back. Minoru Minorikawa is a freelance journalist charged by his editor to find six hot stories in a single day, or else the magazine is toast. Finally, "Tama the Cat" is a lady doing part-time mascot work for a dietary-supplement outfit who can't seem to stop getting mixed up in other people's serious business."

It certainly sounds like an intriguing project and one that could potentially do very well if released abroad at a cheaper than normal price. But is it something you would personally consider picking up? And are there any Japanese readers out there that already have their eye on this?

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Awww with a title like "428: The World Doesn't Change Even" and set in shibuya...I was hoping for a wonderful world sequal. Smilie

But this game sounds equally...quirky Smilie

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

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