Professor Layton Heads to Europe on Nintendo DS

By Adam Riley 02.09.2008 7

Nintendo has finally confirmed the release of Level-5's puzzle adventure title Professor Layton and the Curious Village in Europe, with the game due on 7th November and is set to be heavily pushed, alongside other Touch! Generations titles during the Christmas period.

The title has now been fully localised for the various European territories and is definitely one to watch out for. Be sure to check out Cubed³'s review of the US edition here...

EDIT - Nintendo Europe has finally issued the official Press Release for the game:

Prepare to step into a mysterious and eccentric
world when Professor Layton and the Curious Village arrives on the Nintendo DS on 7th November 2008. With over 130 logical and lateral thinking conundrums immersed in an engrossing and compelling storyline game, and additional puzzles available every week via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, players of all ages everywhere will be challenged to the limit as they search to unravel the hidden secrets of the village St. Mystere!

Taking control of two quirky and intriguing characters, Professor Layton and his sidekick Luke, whilst being guided by fully animated cut scenes, players must successfully decipher the numerous taxing puzzles that face them to reveal events and strands of the ever-mysterious storyline. Only when everything has been discovered, all mysteries resolved and the ultimate item - the Golden Apple - recovered, will the player have solved the mystery surrounding St. Mystere.

Throughout the game, Professor Layton and Luke will meet the curious townsfolk of St. Mystere who will try and confuse them with riddles and conundrums to hinder their path. Using the Touch Screen to navigate, players must unleash their detective skills to uncover as much information as possible from conversations and the environment around them. Be warned though, a few characters have hidden agendas of their own and will do everything in their power to prevent you from uncovering the truth.

Successfully completing a puzzle will see players rewarded with Picarats Points. Storing them safely in Professor Layton's trusty trunk, the player is to unearth as many of these points as possible to keep track of performance. Puzzles featured are suitable for all ages, however the harder the riddle the more Picarats awarded - so always think twice before giving up so easily! If you do get stuck however, help is on hand in the form of a Hint Coin. Using these will unlock one of three possible hints to help you on your way to successfully understand this baffling town. However, these are hidden treasures so be sure to overturn every stone with the stylus to find them!

In addition to overcoming the constant puzzles within the main storyline, there are numerous side missions to keep the mind in full throttle. Completed puzzles may unearth strange items, like parts of machinery, furniture and scraps of paintings, which are used in more mind bending and curious mini-games!

Even when the challenge is over and the mysteries unravelled, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will keep you gripped as new riddles will be available to download on a weekly basis aiming to bamboozle the most curious of minds!

So what are you waiting for? You may have trained your brain with Dr Kawashima's Brain Training but once again its time to grab your thinking cap and travel to St. Mystere to solve the puzzles and challenges that surround Professor Layton and the Curious Village!

Professor Layton and the Curious Village launches on the Nintendo DS across Europe on 7th November 2008.

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Fantastic. I been waiting for this.
After Zack & Wiki, I cant wait for another brain workout Smilie <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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It should do really well if the put some cut scene footage in adverts. That stuff will appeal to many parents who remember those old 70s cartoons.

I thought this came out ages ago Smilie

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

In the US and Aus, yes...

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Hooray - it's about bloody time!

Guest 02.09.2008#6

Already finished it. Haven't solved all the weekly puzzles yet though. Hooray for importing.

Got it off Amazon at easter
Done and finished

And it only cost 15 quid

( Edited 02.09.2008 22:48 by Kai )

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Yay me i got three (stars)
Many thanks guys

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