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By Shane Jury 23.09.2008 1

A recent translation of an interview with the producer of Phantasy Star Zero has yielded more information on the game, including Gameplay Mechanics and Online functions.

The interview was printed in the september issue of Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, a translation of the finer points from is below;

* Phantasy Star Zero is a completely new title set in a brand new world.
* Zero's gameplay mechanics will be based heavily around PSO's. But despite this, the developers hope that the unique style will attract more fans to the series, even those who have never touched a previous Phantasy Star title.
* The Nintendo DS was selected as the platform for this title to help broaden the age range of players.
* Zero was selected as part of the title to invoke thoughts of a new beginning for the series.
* You will be able to play with people you've never met over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. No details were given on if or how Friend Codes will be used, however.
* PS0 will not support voice chat or vibration functions.
* PSO's word select system is a possibility, but has not been confirmed.
* PSO's symbol chat will not return for this game. It is being replaced by visual chat, allowing users to draw their own pictures using the stylus.
* Many common item and technique names will return from PSO.
* The developers hope that, despite this game taking place in a completely new world, it will still bring out feelings of nostalgia and other fond memories.

Sega have set the release date for Phantasy Star Zero as December 25th of this year in Japan.

Box art for Phantasy Star Zero





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I'm really loving it graphicaly, especialy seeing how the sketchs pop up.
Remains to be seen about gameplay. Hopefully not as repeative as the cube's version. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
Last update; Mice,Plumbers,Animatronics and Airbenders. We also have the socials; Facebook & G+

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