Chrono Trigger DS: Extra Dungeon and Battle Mode

By Jorge Ba-oh 23.09.2008 5

Some interesting tidbits on Chrono Trigger have seeped onto the internet, including info on the extra dungeons.

The DS installment of Chrono Trigger brings back the classic Square RPG in its exact majesty, tile to tile, sprite to sprite, and as a gift to fans of the series Square-Enix will be including some bonus features. NeoGAF's duckroll recently discovered an update on the Toys'R'Us product page for the game that revealed more on raising and battling monsters.

Up to 50 different critters can be caught, raised, trained and the strongest beasts that win in the battle arena take away rare items. The DS's wireless link can be used to challenge others. Currently it's not known how monsters are actually caught or leveled up, but most likely would be found either in an area separate from the main game or scattered about in the overworld.

To add an extra layer of difficulty and give fans something new to conquer Ė two extra dungeons aim to reveal a little more about Crono's world.

Dimensional Distortion
A mysterious dungeon suddenly appears. Travel through time to overcome the challenges, and reach the depths to claim a hidden power. Clearing the different parts of the dungeon will affect the End of Time in some way.

Dragon's Sanctuary
In the last leg of the story, new gates to prehistoric times and the middle ages suddenly appear. Within the dungeon, one will have to complete various requests to continue. The quests gradually increase in difficulty, and you may have to go to a different era in order to continue. Help the reptites to reach the innermost parts of the dungeon. What could be waiting there...?

The game is due to land on shelves on November 25th 2008 in the US.

Box art for Chrono Trigger

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Thats so cool they needed to do somthing like that. Makes me what to buy it now Smilie

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Awesome - keeps the game as it was and adds some neat extras!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Cannot complain with that.

Hmmm still think it's a bit lazy for a DS.

Should have did this years ago on the GBA or at least release it on wiiware.

XBL Gamertag: James2t3
Guest 01.10.2008#5

Well the music is good. I never really played this game but I looked up some of the songs on youtube, very good stuff.
Usually when I listen to songs from old games I've never played before they don't impress me, but in this case...

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