Tenchu 4 Sneaks into Western Shores

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.09.2008 3

Ubisoft have acquired the rights to publish and distribute Tenchu 4 in the US and Europe.

In development by Acquire, the stealth/ninja action game sees players aiming to complete over 10 unique missions and 50 sidequests as either one of two ninjas: Ayame or Rikimaru.

The game is due out sometime in 2009, exclusively for Wii.

Box art for Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
Also known as

Tenchu 4









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I just had to be Ubi Smilie

Linkyshinks said:
I just had to be Ubi Smilie

Lol, true, but at least we're getting it over. Ubi may produce some shite, but their publishing way seem pretty decent.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Nice trailer, pity about the publisher. Still, I suppose they have to get good games out somehow, they obviously aren't capable of making them themselves. Smilie

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