Disaster Not a Disaster in Famitsu

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.09.2008 14

The latest edition of Japanese magazine Famitsu has rated Nintendo's action project, Disaster: Day of Crisis.

According to CVG, the game has faired well with the panel of four reviewers, wrapping up a fine score of 34/40, with two out of the four giving a 9/10 rating.

So far no details have been translated from the actual review, but it does seem promising for a game that's been absent for so long

The game washes up onto European shores on October 24th 2008.

Box art for Disaster: Day of Crisis








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Wow - that's a pleasant surprise. Maybe it won't suck.

i love the idea of this game and good see Big N try somthing like this Smilie

For those who don\'t really know what it will entail (I\'m basing this on all the trailers):

Lightgun-ish sections

QTE\'s (quick time event)

General 3rd person action, along with searching for other survivors

Driving sections

Gun upgrades - buy new and upgrade guns, with seemingly a full \"gun tree\".

Wicked Awesome like innit moments like running away from tidal waves and fighting a helicopter from the bridge arches/supports/whatever they\'re called

Bonkers story

Catchy signature tune

Gameplay generally arcade-ish

( Edited 23.09.2008 18:17 by Modplan Man )

Jump_button said:
i love the idea of this game and good see Big N try somthing like this Smilie

My thoughts exactly.

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Wow, this release game looks awesome!


It does look good though, it was one of the more anticipated games as far as I was concerned, along with HAMMER, so I'm glad to see this not only resurface, but continue to leap into the air and onto a release date.

Nice - I would like to see more gameplay vids though (not short snippets, but at least 2,3 mins of different sections.

Looks pretty decent, may give it a whirl!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I was excited about this when it was first shown...then I got bored of waiting for it....now I don't know what to think! Smilie

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

Famitsu gave Sonic 2006 a 32 if I remember correctly.

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Famitsu is ridiculously biased.....why would anyone listen to its review? Also 34/40 = 85% which is quite different to 90% as far as games go....

I\'m not sure why anyone even gave a shit about this game. Is it because we knew NOTHING about it? Pretty sad state of affairs.

( Edited 23.09.2008 23:56 by knighty )

"I'm not sure why anyone even gave a shit about this game."

Its an original IP from Nintendo, thats why.

"now I don't know what to think!"

Think what you would if you just saw it.
Long term game hype/antipication is something to be avoided.
Just judge something on the merits of what it looks like before release.

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Wow! That's great!
Honestly, I feared a (pun!) disaster for Disaster, because it's so new and so rare a category on Wii and Wii is treated like shit graphically and in gameplay by most developers. This game actually has me thrilled, I want to know what it's all about, see the gameplay and check the graphics. The last screens were promising, honestly!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

I still think it looks crap as Famitsu's reviews are... speaking of which does anyone have a link to the review?

I think the game looks promising, but it would be far better suited to 360/PS3 IMO. I don't want on-rails shooting sections (the Wii Remote is NOT a lightgun and never will be). The driving sections also look pretty throw-away, as most driving sections in action games are, but I'll reserve judgement. Also, graphically it looks very PS2 and even PSP level.

Add me on anything. I'm always looking for new friends/opponents/town visitors/chances to appear more popular than I actually am.

While I don't trust Famitsu's reviews, a 34/40 does indicate that the game isn't completely bad. Smilie Can't wait to see more of this.

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