Final We Cheer Track-Listing Revealed

By Adam Riley 24.09.2008 1

505 Games today revealed the track listing for the highly-anticipated cheerleading title We Cheer and, with 30 high-energy songs spanning over four decades of music, there's something to bring out the budding cheerleader in everyone.

Using two Wii Remotes as virtual pom-poms, get ready to lead your own cheerleading squad to victory with a soundtrack of smoking-hot music featuring chart-topping artists such as pop sensation Natasha Bedingfield, US rockers Paramore and 70s disco darlings KC & The Sunshine Band.

Track list includes:
Walking On Sunshine Aly & AJ
It Takes Two Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
If You're Gonna Jump (Paul Oakenfold Remix) Natasha Bedingfield
Push It ToTthe Limit Corbin Bleu
I Want Candy Bow Wow Wow
On Top Of The World Boys Like Girls
The Great Escape Boys Like Girls
Godspeed BT
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) C+C Music Factory
Eye Of The Tiger (Sunset Crew Radio Mix) Crew 7
Come Clean Hilary Duff
Unbelievable EMF
Calabria 2008 Enur feat. Natasja
Star Erasure
Perfect Day Hoku
That's The Way (I Like It) KC & The Sunshine Band
I Say Hey Kinky
Footloose Kenny Loggins
Bodyrock Moby
Born For This Paramore
Our Time Now Plain White T's
C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) Quad City DJ's
I'd Do Anything Simple Plan
Jump Simple Plan
Stamp Your Feet Donna Summer
Whoomp! (There It Is) Tag Team
In This Diary The Ataris
Groovy Train The Farm
The Power Is On The Go! Team
The Huddle Formation The Go! Team

We Cheer gives players the chance to jump, shout and shake it all about, just like a real cheerleader. Using the motion-sensing abilities of the Wii Remote, wannabe cheerleaders follow on-screen commands to perform a variety of high-energy spins, kicks and twists, while taking part in professionally choreographed routines.

We Cheer will be exclusively available for Nintendo Wii throughout Europe in Q1, 2009.

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Some good choices there (and not so good choices...).

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