Nintendo Bringing New Naruto to DS in Europe

By Adam Riley 24.09.2008

Naruto fans rejoice - Naruto Ninja Council 2 is heading for Nintendo DS with a brand new adventure. With a new threat hanging over the mystical village of Hidden Leaf and its inhabitants, it's up to Naruto and his fellow Ninja to defend the village from a malicious enemy attack. Published by TOMY and distributed by Nintendo, make sure all your Ninja skills are ready and raring to go when Naruto Ninja Council 2 launches across Europe on 3rd October 2008.

Finding their feet again after the previous attack by the evil Orochimaru, the people of Hidden Leaf are reconstructing their lives when their sworn enemy appears at the gate once again from nowhere. With the threat of attack imminent, Naruto and his fellow Ninja are called together to create three man teams to head into battle and thwart the impending attack.

Using all your ninja and strategy skills, select the ultimate fighting team of three to take up the challenge and save the day. At the beginning of each mission, select a team leader from five available characters, followed by two support members from a roster of 19 playable characters. Once your perfect team has been chosen, head into battle and use a variety of close combat melee attacks, apply your Chakra to run up walls and perform special Ninja techniques available to you and your team to defeat the enemy ahead. Additionally, don't forget to take advantage of the long-range projectile weapons, available to collect throughout the mission, to help wipe out the enemy ahead.

Utilising the Nintendo DS Touch Screen and blowing into the Microphone, easily activate your ultimate ninja skills and complete useful mini-games with the Stylus. These exciting mini-games feature in each mission and each contain different requirements to complete. If completed successfully, players will see the health of their end stage enemy slightly depleted, helping them in their mission success.

Fans of Naruto will also recognise a new mode to feature in Naruto Ninja Council 2 when Doodle Mode arrives. Experience this free sketch mode in which fans can doodle with a brush and paint palette over canvas of the four Hokage faces plus unlock additional canvasses.

So join the Ninja revolution and take part in this legendary Naruto adventure to save Hidden Leaf when Naruto Ninja Council 2 arrives across Europe on Nintendo DS from 3rd October 2008.

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