New Tales of Hearts DS Information Revealed

By Adam Riley 25.09.2008 1

This week has seen a large update on both the official website for Tales of Hearts, as well as Famitsu. Two new characters have finally been unveiled, the first being Beryl and the second is Kunzite, with the developer apparently opting for gem naming. On the website there are also some new wallpapers available for both the CG and Animation versions of the game.

Below is some information revealed by Famitsu:

Soma Link
Throughout the game there are various events in which you can choose different options towards another character, called a "Soma Link". Through certain choices it will cause the outcomes of scenes to change, and the character may gain points towards their "Soma Link Value". Once it becomes high enough, the character can learn various skills.

In the game exists the option "Soma Build", through which the player upgrades the Soma (weapons) of the party and control their growth. Through using Soma Build, members of the party can gain new abilities called "Soma Skills". When Soma Build is performed on a weapon enough times, the weapon goes through a process called "Soma Evolve", in which the Soma will take various new patterns and/or forms.

Whilst Tales of Hearts may have seemed to have a clear run this Christmas period, launching in early December, now it has been confirmed that both Professor Layton's third game, as well as the Chrono Trigger DS port are coming at the tail end of November some of its limelight may well be stolen.

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Sounds good and all but I want this to come out over here! Smilie

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