Animal Crossing Does Euro Cities in December

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.09.2008 7

Fancy some city exploration whilst munching on turkey and watching age-old films? Animal Crossing Wii due out this Christmas.

Image for Animal Crossing Does Euro Cities in DecemberThe UK arm of the Japanese gaming giant has slipped a note that those desperate for a slice of the Animal Crossing pie for the festive season will get it with the Wii version penned for release sometime in December in Europe.

Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City sees players settling down in a familiar setting: an expansive village in which to make friends, piss off the neighbours with loud music and build up a new home. Those with the DS version can house Wii characters when on the move, and also transfer information back to the console.

Bundled with Wii Speak and supposedly packed to the brim with new city-based features, the whole family can get together and instead of watching the endless repeat of The Snowman can see non-melting strangers trying to break into their houses via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

The exact date has yet to be confirmed, though expect store shelves to glitter with Let's Go to the City a week or two before Santa pops down for the annual visit.

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Animal Crossing: City Folk









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This does not seem like news to me, I think many people assumed it would come in time for Christmas in Europe. If anything the big thing to take from this is the fact it may come bundled with Wii Speak, when Nintendo had previously said that it would not at presentations.

Yet again Nintendo will be by far dominant in the sales this Christmas within Europe, especially now if they bundling Wii Speak with it. I don\'t know about you but I can see that ads already lol. It will be the next big thing since Wii Fit in the eyes of the consumers and will have all the success that will result from that. With this and Wii Music, Nintendo will rule Q4 despite the huge games on other platforms.

They had better show some hardcore shiz at this conference of theirs.

( Edited 25.09.2008 13:05 by Linkyshinks )

Considering the amount of time it took for past localisations to come over here from this series, I'm pleasantly suprised.

Let's go to the City? City Folk would have confused people and made them think it was set in some condo on the Upper West Side.

All I want from Nintendo is something to make christmas less boring than the Wii-less one I had last year. It went down a storm the year before but I thought I'd leave it for Xmas '07. Error.

When's Wii Resort coming out?

Less posty, more gamey.

February - April next year for Wii Sports Resort. WSR and Resi5 will take the bulk of the sales early next year. It's yet another title that will be selling huge amounts, and will likely also effect the hardware sales positively as the first did when people see Motion+.

It will be interesting to see how Nintendo market that product.

Is there anything in AC that involves the use of motionplus?

Can brawl anytime now.....if you want an easy win
BOMBERMAN code: 2879 2176 8600, or just find me in a random match I think it might be time for Newspapers to look over their sponsorship contracts...

A_man_92 said:
Is there anything in AC that involves the use of motionplus?

There isn't even much in there that makes use of regular motion unfortunately.Smilie

Think I'll skip this one and just pick up a WiiSpeak unit for future games, I played Wild World to death and this looks to be more of the same with minor extras. Smilie

Whooo! Sweet! Good news for me and my sister! (Wonder if a Usb headset would work with the game!

Onwards, TO NOWHERE! Proud owner of Farming Simulator 2013.

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