Wiiware Update: 3 for Europe

By Shane Jury 26.09.2008 9

Nintendo have updated the Wiiware listings with three new titles this week, including a Dancing Game, the Second in an Episodic Series and a Return to Retro Form.

Helix from Ghostfire Games, is a unique rhythm game designed for the Remote and Nunchuk together, or two Remotes. Choose from a variety of dance tracks, and wave the controllers in time to the beats. Yours for 1000 Wii points.

Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free from Telltale Games, is the second game in the episodic line of Strong Bad titles. As well as an all new storyline, this episode contains new Minigames, Collectibles and Costumes. Only 1000 points. Be sure to read Cubed≥'s review of 'Strong Badia the Free' here.

And Last but not least, Capcom brings the retro-themed Megaman 9 to Wii owners. Megaman 9 is an all new title displayed in NES-era visuals and sound, and contains 8 new levels and bosses to conquer, as well as challenges, a rock-hard difficulty level, and future Downloadable Content. Yet again, 1000 points.

Which of these games, if any, will you be downloading today?

Box art for Mega Man 9





2D Platformer



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Woot! Although I don\'t have the money for this and WarioLand... WarioLand comes first, sorry StrongBad. Smilie

( Edited 26.09.2008 09:46 by SuperLink )

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

I have Megaman 2 and I think 4 on the NES. I never beat any level, so there's no way I'm buying Megaman 9. It's just not my kind of game.

Does anyone know how many blocks StrongBad takes up...?

EDIT: Over 300 blocks! Fukkin heeeellll!!! >=[

( Edited 26.09.2008 10:31 by SuperLink )

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Megaman 9 is so awesome, it's vicious though, the second hardest I have played behind the original because of the tasks. Some of the tasks/achievements are insanely tough. The music is so awesome, easily the best 8 bit music I have heard in years. Graphically, it's too cute for it's own good at times. I will find myself admiring the style of something and humming along to the music and then find I have lost a life as a result.

Canyarion said:
I have Megaman 2 and I think 4 on the NES. I never beat any level, so there's no way I'm buying Megaman 9. It's just not my kind of game.

Not one level lol, in 2!, two is so easy. Megaman 1 and this are much harder than two was.

Had a feeling they would bring Megaman 9 out today Smilie hmm wonder how I\'m gonna buy it lol I don\'t get money for ages >.< (stupid EMA wont come through)Smilie

( Edited 26.09.2008 14:20 by Falcon Armour X )

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I downloaded StrongBad, 'cos I realised I had some points left over from Mario RPG last week.

Also if we're talking Easy games we can't complete, I couldn't beat Tekken 2 Arcade Mode with ANY character on EASY mode.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Megaman 9 is great. I just finished it for the 1st time yesterday (remember, I live in Mexico and we got it on monday) and it is a great, fun game... but brutal as hell. Took me 4 hours total play time to finish the 1st time and only obtained 14 of the total challenges so I have another 36 to finish.

BTW, up until now NOBODY has been able to finish the game without being hit. Wonder how long it will take for someone to pull that off and memorize aaaall enemy paterns.

As for Helix, it\'s a great workout game that in the hard difficulty makes you burn up calories like crazy.

As for Stong Bad, I\'m still waiting for them to patch the 16:9 bug on episode one before buying into it.

( Edited 26.09.2008 17:47 by EdEN )

EdEN said:

As for Stong Bad, I\'m still waiting for them to patch the 16:9 bug on episode one before buying into it.

Just buy it, the bug isn\'t THAT big of a deal, and Strong Bad is amazing. I just started episode 2, loving it so far. Smilie

Though for the first time I\'m now suffering due to the Wii\'s lack of space. I have 2 NES games, 1 N64 game, Pokemon Ranch and the 2 Strong Bad episodes. And I only have 24 blocks left. >.< I guess it must be mainly due to the WiiWare games, I had over 25 VC games on my old Wii and didn\'t have any trouble with space...

( Edited 27.09.2008 01:00 by Ikana )

I've bought all the WiiWare games this week, as well as De Blob and Samba de Amigo, and am holding myself back from buying Wario as well.

Oh dear.

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