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By Adam Riley 26.09.2008 3

Codemasters has now announced the release dates for three new family entertainment titles under its partnership with Majesco Entertainment. The partnership has been realised this week with the launch of Wild Earth: African Safari on Wii, and will be continued on 2nd October when Toy Shop Tycoon launches on DS and, on the 9th October, with Nanostray 2, also for DS.

Wild Earth: African Safari / Wii
In Wild Earth: African Safari, players assume the role of a photo-journalist on a journey to visually chronicle over thirty different wild animals inhabiting the Serengeti National Park. From aggressive packs of hyenas to massive rhinos, the beautifully re-created panorama of the African veldt unfolds as players attempt to capture the shots to create informative magazine quality pictorials. But be warned; get too close to the animals or disrupt the natural landscape and the Impact Meter will rumble your Wii Remote, making it harder to snap a steady picture.

"Wild Earth: African Safari brings the great wilds of the African Serengeti to your living room and offers players a chance to get up close and personal with the animals in the comfort of your own home. With exclusive new features found only in the Wii version, Wild Earth: African Safari lets people learn about and experience one of nature's most complex and diverse habitats, without the fear of being eaten by a lion."
- John Merchant, Marketing Manager, Majesco Europe.

Two new features exclusive to the Wii version, developed by Super X Studios, include a co-operative multiplayer mode that allows up to three friends to either drive or take pictures, and a Safari Mini-Game mode where gamers can play from the animals' perspective using intuitive gestures via the Wii Remote. In addition, an inspiring soundtrack from world music label, Talking Drum Records, lends an atmospheric backdrop to the game.

Nanostray 2 / Nintendo DS
Developed by Shin'en Interactive, Nanostray 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed and first 3D shoot-em-up that launched for the handheld system way back in 2006. The original Nanostray delivered thrilling non-stop action that hearkened back to classic arcade shooters. Nanostray 2 builds upon that foundation with new game modes, control options and wireless connectivity.

A top-down, sci-fi shooter, Nanostray 2 features six game modes, including two-player co-op, two-player vs, Challenge (with thirty-plus different missions) and the brand new Simulator (go high-score hunting in four futuristic games). With both horizontal and vertical viewpoints that offer more variety between levels, Nanostray 2 also includes multiple control schemes and configurable weapons that are a necessity to defeat the game's sixteen formidable bosses. In addition, players can upload their scores via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection so they can see how they rank against the best on

Toy Shop Tycoon / Nintendo DS
Launching on 2nd October 2008 and developed by GAMEINVEST, Toy Shop Tycoon is an exciting new simulation for the Nintendo DS in which players can turn the fledgling family toy store into a toy business empire. Toy Shop Tycoon encourages entrepreneurship and creativity by putting players at the helm of a struggling toy shop where they will need to create fun toys that sell while managing store inventory, customers and budget.

Combining creative toy-making with overall store management, Toy Shop Tycoon gives players insight into the challenging, rewarding, business of fun. In Toy Shop, players can choose their style of playówhether it is assuming full control of all aspects of the family toy business or just making toys to sell in the store. As the business grows, seasonal holidays will attract new customers that will in turn help the business grow and unlock additional store locations. Shop owners can create more than 30 toys for the store, including teddy bears, action figures and board games, and a tutorial helps future entrepreneurs learn the ropes of the business.

With more family entertainment titles from the Codemasters and Majesco Entertainment partnership to be announced in the near future, the portfolio is certainly expanding quickly. But will any readers out there be waiting to pick up these games?

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Nanostray 2 looks awesome, and Toy Shop Tycoon sounds pretty fun!

( Edited 17.12.2012 09:11 by Guest )

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Fuck yes, Nanostray 2!Smilie

The first one is one of my favourite DS games.SmilieSmilie

( Edited 17.12.2012 09:11 by Guest )

NANOSTRAY 2! Fuck yes, I got majorly addicted to the original (ranked top 20 for a few of the levels). Can't wait to try the new one out.

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