Nintendo Revive bit Generations for Wiiware

By Shane Jury 30.09.2008 3

In a recent US Wiiware update, Nintendo have released a remade title from the bit Generation series, previously exclusive to Japan.

The game, Art Style: ORBIENT, is a remake of Orbital, and offers upgraded visuals and easy Wiimote controls. Although it is a first-party release, there was no mention or hint of the title beforehand, echoing Nintendo's recent strategy of releasing games soon after revealing them (very close in this case).

The press release for Art Style: ORBIENT;

Format: WiiWare™
Launch Date: 09/29/08
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Wii Points: 600
Game Type: Action, Puzzle
Control Type: Wii Remote
Players: 1
Publisher: Nintendo

Game Information

Control gravity and guide a star through 50 stages while growing bigger and avoiding obstacles!

Explore the universe like never before in Art Style: ORBIENT. Take control of gravity and antigravity to carefully maneuver your small star through 50 stages set in multiple galaxies. Collide with other stars to absorb them and make your own star expand in size, or capture the stars in your orbit and have them become your satellites. Space isn't empty though, and you'll have to avoid bumping into obstacles or getting pulled into a black hole. If you feel like relaxing while still being challenged, this is the game for you—its combination of simple controls, atmospheric sound, and unique environment make for an experience unlike any other!

Games in the Art Style series feature elegant design, polished graphics, and pick-up-and-play controls, creating an experience focused purely on fun and engaging game play.

bit Generations was a series of unique budget titles for the GameBoy Advance, all of which were very popular with importers as they never made retail outside of Japan. The series consisted of titles such as Digidrive and Dotstream.

Since there is mention of Art Style as a series, it isn't offhand to assume that more remakes of the bit Generation titles will follow, and that like the US, this Wiiware release will appear on a future European update.

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This looks like my kinda game Smilie <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
Last update; Mice,Plumbers,Animatronics and Airbenders. We also have the socials; Facebook & G+. 

Awesome looking game, love the art style, it looks absolutely stunning Smilie

I'm going to get this if it comes out here on Friday.

Nice, strange to be announced so close to release, but good news nontheless!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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