Sonic and the Black Knight – Debut TGS08 Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 16.10.2008 2

Sonic returns to the Wii in the second exclusive Storybook outing, going head to head with the Black Knight. Debut footage inside!

During the Tokyo Game Show earlier this week Sega revealed a montage of gameplay snippets from the game, showing our favourite hedgehog slice his way through a world of medieval. Sonic Team have bumped up the game’s control and style, hoping to correct problems with Secret Rings and bring more traditional 3D and 2D gameplay to the mix.

An instrumental version of the trailer (US version):

Sonic slices his way into Wii consoles in March 2009.

Box art for Sonic and the Black Knight





3D Platformer



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Say what you will about Crush 40 and Sonic Music in general, but I feckin love the music and lyrics in the first trailer. Smilie

As do I. As soon as I saw the trailer, I was like "ZOMG CRUSH40AREBACK!" I already knew Jun Senoue was the lead composer for Black Knight so I half suspected, but it was still awesome.

I proptly downloaded the MP3 of the short version and proceeded to learn the limited lyrics off by heart.


The game looks pretty good too.

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