Hudson's Deca Sports Hits Million Mark on Wii

By Adam Riley 17.10.2008 2

Hudson's attempt at tapping into the Wii Sports market, riding on the crest of the current craze, has certainly paid off as Deca Sports (Sports Island in Europe, Deca Sporta in Japan) has passed a million worldwide in terms of shipped figures, as opposed to sell-through numbers. However, with over 200,000 copies sold in Japan alone, tied in with the game's huge performance in the European market, it is no surprise to find that in terms of actual copies passed to consumers, the figure lies around the 850,000 mark and is still climbing.

"With the popularity of the Wii and its ever-growing expansion into homes everywhere around the world, we are excited for the continued possibilities of success for Deca Sports."
- Hudson Entertainment's Console Division head Dai Kudo.

Sadly the game has been heavily criticised from all corners of the gaming world, but there is hope that the sequel and potential DS version, announced via Cubed¬³'s interview with Hudson back in June, will be vast improvements.

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Deca Sports









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I feel sorry for all the kids and others who ended up with this crappy game... They should have spent their money on Super Mario Galaxy or Zack & Wiki.

Our member of the week

I too feel sorry for them. While damn good games like zack n' wiki as Canyarion said or No More Heroes and plenty of other third party jewels in the Wii library fail to sell well, even in the long run... such ... crappy things (they don't even deserve to be called game IMHO) manage to sell that much. It's sad ...

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

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