Ubisoft Ends Nintendo's 196-Week Reign in the UK

By Adam Riley 18.10.2008 6

For a whopping 196 weeks, in other words since the Nintendo DS launched back on 11th March, 2005 in the UK, the Kyoto Company has ruled the roost. No longer is that the case, though, according to information released by Chart Track and GfK. For the first time in the DS's history in this country, Nintendo has been usurped, ousted from its lofty throne and replaced by Ubisoft and its ultra casual and back catalogue line-up. This means Ubisoft is the first ever Third Party publisher to sell more on the DS than Nintendo, as of 4th October, 2008, thanks to the likes of recent releases such as Imagine: Teacher, Puzzler Collection and its wealth of titles in its back catalogue that do not appear to be slowing down at all.

"It’s a massive milestone for us and the industry " a really big deal. We’ve always been highly successful in pushing our back catalogue and we’re also good at pushing promotions with the right price at the right time. On top of that, we have an excellent understanding of the DS consumer and therefore bring out relevant titles with the right licences. We’ve actually spent zero on marketing Puzzler (Collection) because the licence markets itself."
- Ubisoft marketing director Jon Rosenblatt, speaking with MCV.

"It was a very close-run thing. Ubisoft won it in the budget chart. Even this week, they’ve got eight entries in the Budget Top 30 to Nintendo’s six. Their Imagine range just keeps on selling. It’s a real surprise " and I can’t predict one way or the other if anyone will ever do it again."
- GFK ChartTrack analyst Chris Poole, who delivered the news to Ubisoft.

But can any other company jump on the bandwagon? It is certainly giving smaller publishers the chance to churn out titles that would otherwise be overlooked on formats other than the DS and turn a profit from minimal input. Will this have an overall negative effect on the Industry as a whole, though, or can these ultra casual games co-exist with more mainstream ones without any issue?

Be sure to share your thoughts on the matter...

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So wait, what have Ubisoft surpassed exactly?

Is it that Ubisoft have sold more of their own games on DS than Nintendo have of their own?

Ubisoft wins the managing to sell large quantities of shit award.

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

Azzy said:
So wait, what have Ubisoft surpassed exactly? Is it that Ubisoft have sold more of their own games on DS than Nintendo have of their own?

Bingo. It's the first week that a Third Party has managed to sell more on DS than Nintendo did. And it managed it be a hair's breadth thanks to tonnes of budget DS games...

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

Only in the budget charts, and after pumping out dozens of the stuff (compared to titles that have already been in the charts for ages, and relatively few releases)?

Hardly seems like a success. If Nintendo are able to pull in over 12 mill for one game, that was actually considered good, then Ubisoft have about 90% of the way to go, especially in actual quality.

( Edited 17.10.2008 23:00 by Modplan Man )

Oh! Damn, I thought it was all-time sales >_> I guess Nintendo still reigns that figure.

But yeah, there's a lot of Ubi-shit out there at the moment.

Kind of a funny ad though. "Pottery? o_O"

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