Nintendo Including More RAM in DSi, Opera Wii Widgets

By Adam Riley 18.10.2008 6

TechTree had the chance to catch up with Jon S. von Tetzchner, the CEO of Opera, and may have spilled the beans on something Nintendo had yet to mention with regards to the new DSi, plus news of Widgets being used on the Wii's Internet Channel.

Below is a small excerpt from the main interview:

TechTree: Let's come to the Nintendo Wii, can you tell us which channels, apart from the Internet Channel are powered by Opera?

Jon S. von Tetzchner: That's in a way a question that Nintendo would be able to answer. We're doing a fair amount of work on the Wii -- but, Nintendo would have to comment on that in particular -- and at the moment they would not like us to comment on this. Widgets are a part of our current solution on the Wii. The Internet channel supports Opera widgets.

TechTree: The Nintendo DSi has Opera embedded. The DS Lite had Opera as a separate cart which came with additional RAM. Does that mean that the DSi has more RAM than the DS Lite?

Jon S. von Tetzchner: Yes, the DSi has more RAM than the DS Lite. In addition, with integrated Opera coming with the DSi, it will use RAM more efficiently.

As for just how good the relationship between Opera and Nintendo is, Tetzchner had this to say:
TechTree: How has the experience been, working with Nintendo? Who approached whom in this relationship first?

Jon S. von Tetzchner: Working with Nintendo was fun. They are a company that emphasizes on simplicity and is very user-centric. We wanted to have good features which the Wii users could benefit of. The final outcome was pleasing to both of us and they were the ones who took the first step in approaching us. We are happy the way it has turned out to be. For us working with them was a very good experience.

So will developers be able to make use of the extra RAM in the DSi? If so, then it poses problems for backwards compatibility with the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know by posting below...

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It wouldn't shock me if the DSi was actually a great deal more powerful than the DS lite. After a year or two, Nintendo could unlock that extra power for developers. By then, developers will have started taking more advantage of the DSi's extra features anyway, like DLC and the cameras, making the DS lite and phat more and more obsolete. Then Nintendo can flip the switch and the DSi makes a clean transition to pretty much being "DS 2".

Of course I'm just speculating, but it would not surprise if something like that was the case.

Makes sense that the DSi would have more ram considering how it will be more web based this time round.

Hmm - I think whilst the DSi is better and will perform more smoothly, there'll most likely be a true DS2 in 2011 or 12. Good to know it's been beefed up RAM wise!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I need a new DS anyway after my bro was through with mine. It'll be great to use it for internet when bored in my lectures.

I dought the extra ram is accessible for game\'s.
Nintendo wont want to split or complicate the market too much.

\"Then Nintendo can flip the switch and the DSi makes a clean transition to pretty much being \"DS 2\".\"

Its no where near of enough of an upgrade for that.
Its more probably testing the waters for what features might be used on the true successor.

\"In addition, with integrated Opera coming with the DSi, it will use RAM more efficiently.\"

This makes a big difference actualy, it probably dosnt have to load *any* of its program into ram, thus all the ram is free for the webbrowser.

Anyway, I love Opera.
They are incredibly efficiant at using PC resources, which is probably why Nintendo used them.
None of the other main webbrowsers would have a hope in hell of working on the DS.

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