Nintendo Scores Success with Girls Mode DS & Castlevania

By Adam Riley 26.10.2008 2

The first day sales have been leaked over in Japan, showing off a great start for Nintendo's Girls Mode and Konami's Castlevania on DS. Released on Thursday 23rd October the latest Devil Summoner RPG on PS2 sold through 50,000 units on its first day (inclusive of both normal and special editions), whilst the new Bleach title on PSP sold roughly 10,000 copies only.

As for on Nintendo formats, the recently revealed Girls Mode from Nintendo has started well with 27,000 copies sold, which certainly cannot be seen as a bad début considering it was only first shown at the October conference earlier this month! It will definitely be interesting to see if this turns into the next slow burner that builds up considerable sales over the coming months due to tapping into the female market.

Some other positive news for the world of DS is how Konami's third dual-screen Castlevania, Order of Ecclesia, has started far stronger than the previous two editions. In just one day 14,000 copies were snapped up, which is extraordinary given that both Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin only did around 15,000 sales in their entire first week. The only thing that could hold Order of Ecclesia back now is if stock supplies run low due to previously low demand. No doubt next Wednesday's early Famitsu numbers will shed more light on the situation.

Finally, there is some disappointing news in that the very impressive looking Tenchu 4 has only sold around 10,000 units, which might not seem like a complete disaster to some, but when comparing it to how the first week of the two PS2 editions were 125,000 and 80,000, and even the PSP side-story did 28,000 after a week on sale, it puts things a little more into perspective. However, games on Wii sometimes tend to trundle along nicely as time goes by, as seen with Fatal Frame IV that started slow, but ended up becoming the best selling edition in the series.

Stick around to see how they all fare in next week's Japanese chart update...

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Good to see Castlevania doing well, 2D ftw! Shame on Tenchu though, it looks great.

I've been playing the US version of Order of Ecclesia this weekend and really love it. Cracking game...looking like a definite 9/10 so far!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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