Miyamoto on Zelda and Mario: "they will feel newer and fresher"

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.10.2008 14

Shigeru Miyamoto lately answered some questions on Mario and Zelda, with how to take the franchises forward.
MTV Multiplayer spoke to the legendary designer in Nintendo of America's Redwood City offices last week on all things Wii and DS, but most interestingly brought up some honest retrospect into the most recent Mario and Zelda games.
Miyamoto was quizzed as to why the latest entries in both franchises weren't as "radically different from their predecessors". For Zelda he's been telling development teams that Twilight Princess, the last entry in the Zelda line, wasn't a bad game but that he "felt like there was something missing."

For Mario he felt that although they did take the series forward from Sunshine and Super Mario 64, "certain elements of it do feel somewhat conservative in terms of how far we branched out with design."

With that in mind, Miyamoto hopes the next instalment of Zelda or a forthcoming Mario will “feel newer and fresher than their most recent versions”.

More on Miyamoto’s thoughts in the MTV Interview.

Did you enjoy the latest Mario and Zelda games? How would you take the franchises forward?

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I loved the latest Zelda... Mario Galaxy was good but it couldn't keep my attention.

I would add an optional first person mode. And maybe a whole world to explore instead of just one kingdom (but that may be too much to ask)

( Edited 27.06.2013 20:18 by Guest )

Galaxy was great, maybe not groundbreaking, but it pushed the genre forward. Twilight Princess was also an awesome game, but it wanted too much to be the new Ocarina, not to mention it was a GCN port.

Maybe it's too soon to be talking about a new Mario (unless they do a Galaxy sequel, but I have mixed feelings about that).

But the new, Wii-exclusive Zelda has a lot of potential with MotionPlus, I hope they try hard to implement it and make something great. Oh, and they don't need to stick to the years-old formula, specially storyline-wise. And I don't think orchestrated music and voice acting (only in key cutscenes and keeping Link silent) would be bad additions on the sound department. That and some crazy ideas Miyamoto and team will have. I don't think it's asking too much, the franchise deserves it.

( Edited 16.12.2012 06:41 by Guest )

In my opinion:

As far as Zelda goes, I like having a big world to explore, but it would benefit if it was entirely streamed- meaning no loading screens. It would also be better if the world was filled with many sub quests, mini dungeons, and some fun pass times (i.e. fishing, horseback archery, etc). The dungeons themselves are getting better with every release, so I'm sure Nintendo have no problem there, just keep the innovation coming. One area that I would like touched upon is the boss fights; yes they are fun, but does every giant boss need an obvious eyeball-thing that just happens to be its weak point? I would like the weak points to be a little harder to find, and the overall difficulty be ramped up (they are bosses for a reason).

As for Mario, if Mario Galaxy was any indication of the innovation behind the game, Mario is in a great spot. Keep the innovation coming. A possible idea is to create a level where you can play online with a friend. Mario is on one end of the level, and Luigi (player 2) on the other, and they have to work together to get through the level. Another idea is to possibly incorporate some rpg elements into the game- not quite hp/magic meters, but more in the vein of crackdown.

These are just some ideas, comments, critique?

( Edited 16.12.2012 06:41 by Guest )

I don't post much, but I will appreciate any feedback on the posts I do make. Feel free to PM

Finished Zelda but stopped playing galaxy half way thru Smilie

( Edited 15.12.2012 07:40 by Guest )

To hear that Miyamoto thinks they were too conservative with Galaxy has me super excited. Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite game of all time. Nothing is more beautiful or inspiring.

I'm also glad to hear that Zelda will be radically different. Zelda is always good, but they are all also pretty similar. While I've never played it, Majora's Mask has always sounded like one of the best Zeldas because of its significantly different story.

Zelda needs to shake things up, but Mario galaxy is quite different from its previous games, I mean it was quite surreal and odd, didn't feel like I was playing an old game at all. It was pretty ground breaking in my opinion and unique. The only similarity was collecting stars really.

Whoa whoa whoa. You guys have this the wrong way round. You were supposed to stop playing Twilight Princess halfway through and devour every inch of Galaxy - it's one of the greatest games ever while I just found the latest Zelda boring after about the halfway point...

I loved Super Mario Galaxy. I think it did push things forward in platform games.
Twilight Princes I also loved, but I felt it lacked in the dramatic and epic qualities that Ocarina of Time had. Zelda I think is a hard game to move forward, because people expect certain things from it.

lol. If I remember correctly, the ammount of people that bitched and moaned about Wind Waker when it was announced was what forced Nintendo to make a fan's Zelda game. Twilight Princess is clearly a fan-product, and it is the very game that the same people are moaning about now. Maybe if the next Zelda is even more "boring", then people will look back at TP in five years time and say "That's the game you should be making!"

Either way, the more people that keep their mouths shut, the better Zelda game Nintendo will make.

Irfy said:
Finished Zelda but stopped playing galaxy half way thru Smilie

Smilie For me, just the opposite, im a bigger mario fan than i am Zelda fan.

for me, ive completed both, (not all the stars on mario yet) and i love both, i think they crrected thier mistake on WW because i couldnt be bothered to get all the triforce pieces.
SMG was a breath of fresh..space with everything flipping ect, it was just plain fun to play.
nintendo will always come up with something good for their gamers. so have faith.

Mario felt pretty darn fresh last time.
I dont think Mario Galaxy will be topped for awhile, so I\'m skeptical that should try so soon :-/

In fact. Dont.
Please dont.
Just leave mario a bit, dont give in to the idiots.
1 Mario per generation is fine!.


As for Zelda, yes, seeing as the last was a gamecube game expanded a little.

Twlight Princess is by far my favorate zelda...direction,puzzles,graphics,epicness and story all come together nicely.

But its the last time I want to see that mold.

I want the core of the game the same (exploration,gaining gadgets,and interacting with the enviroment)
But I dont want the dungeon structure. More stuff like the Yeti\'s house. I want to explore without having a clue when a boss is coming. I want to be amazed at how a small building turns out to be a massive dungoen.

I want unpredictability in the exploring.
Chuck the rule-book out.
I want enemys that can chase me from room to room!

As far as puzzles go.
Zack & Wiki is a great template for possibilitys.

Lets have chain reaction and physics based puzzles used a lot more.

I think many peoples favorate zelda puzzle was Ocarina\'s \"shotting the arrow though the fire to hit the ice\" puzzle.
We need more like that.
Physics + Zelda = fun Smilie

But please, leave Eiji Aonuma as director.
He did a superb job on the story and atmosphere of Majoras Mask and TP.

( Edited 30.10.2008 14:29 by Darkflame )

http://www.fanficmaker.com <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
Last update; Mice,Plumbers,Animatronics and Airbenders. We also have the socials; Facebook & G+

I'd feel much better about a new Mario game if we got away from the whole "Collect the Stars, Shines, etc..." and went back to the more traditional style of platforming. I'd be most interested in seeing a new Mario game based on the same ideas as Sonic Unleashed. Keep it mostly 2-D with minor 3-D elements. The Wii could easily pull it off. And something where Mario & Luigi can venture together in a two player mode? Been wanting that since Super Mario 64!

What they should do...

Just bring it back to its roots

Have a Super Mario Game With the New Super Mario Mechanics

A Fully Wii Rendered New Super Mario Bros for the Wii
if he would do that just think of How much Mario Fans would go crazy

As for Zelda Just Bring it to the Style People like most Either Make It A co-op but the co-op isn't Necessary but just for if a friend is over have it Animated like Wind waker

they just may just have to take their time on this one


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