Cursed Mountain Site Launches, New Screens

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.10.2008 5

Deep Silver have posted up a bunch of new screens from the survival horror game for Wii, Cursed Mountain.

The site doesn't contain much at the moment, but does have some new screenshots, teaser trailer and a gruesome wallpaper in time for Halloween this week.

From the looks of things it seems to be coming along nicely:

Image for Cursed Mountain Site Launches, New Screens
Image for Cursed Mountain Site Launches, New Screens
Image for Cursed Mountain Site Launches, New Screens
Image for Cursed Mountain Site Launches, New Screens

  • Cursed Mountain Site

  • Box art for Cursed Mountain

    Deep Silver


    Deep Silver





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    I love the snow Smilie, and you\'re right the game does seem to be coming along nicely.

    ( Edited 30.10.2008 01:28 by Stulaw )

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    Just a few days ago i wondered what had become of this game and downloaded the first trailer to it. And now we have news. Coincidence Smilie ?

    Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

    Looking pretty good.

    ( Edited 30.10.2008 02:49 by Mario_0 )

    ^^Click for a wallpaper version^^

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    This game is looking quite nice. I'm glad developers are finally putting more time into their Wii games. It's about time.

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