BBFC to sue ELSPA on Traffic Light Ratings System?

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.10.2008 6

There could be trouble in the ratings department with BBFC possibly suing the ELSPA on their recently unveiled ratings system.

ELSPA (the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association)'s new ratings ladder starts from 3 and rises to 18, with the new design following a "traffic light" approach from green to red, red being the most "unsafe" product. With the BBFC's existing system being around since 1982, it looks like there maybe trouble ahead between the two organisations.

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The pair have been at one another for several months, especially with ELSPA being critical of BBFC not being able to classify games, wanting to leave it to PEGI, which has been in place since 2003.

"We're happy for ELSPA to make sensible improvements, but not if they encroach on the protection of the BBFC's symbols," commented the BBFC.

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Well....wouldn\'t making it similer to the BBFC\'s symbols/color scheme make it easier for parents to recognise the age rating?

( Edited 30.10.2008 13:30 by Mario_0 )

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It's hardly as if bbfc invented red for danger green for safe...which are the only similarities between the 2...

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Who cares if they look the same? It's like SSBF have forgotten that they're all after a greater cause anyway, to prevent children from using offensive material.

This is trivial.

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How about Newground's scheme?Smilie

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The BBFC can sod off.

Azzy said:
The BBFC can sod off.

My thoughts exactly.

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