THQ Explains Deadly Creatures Delay, Seeks similar Games

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.10.2008 4

Unique action game Deadly Creatures was recently pushed till later this year, THQ explains why.

The publisher spoke of why the game needs more time in the studio. Simply, it needs to be polished and the framerate improved enough to gain a solid and smooth experience on Wii. Since gaining a mixed reception at E3, the combat system and camera work have been seen improvements, as well an issue with targeting enemies.

Similar games, and a possible continuation in the Deadly Creatures line, are said to be in consideration by THQ given some positive feedback from gamers.

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I've been quite interested in this game for a while, though I don't have a Wii anymore.

Glad to see they're pushing it back to stabilise it, too many games are rushed out, filled with bugs. Though, technically speaking, this game will be filled with bugs as well..

Hoping it turns out an above average game *crosses fingers*

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I don't still looks like a budget game. There's just something about the look and the concept but it has been getting rave previews from so many mainstream websites. I think the fact that THQ is developing it is what's causing me to be cautious.

I think it'll be just above average( around 84% in review score) I just don't think it looks as good as journalists are saying.

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Graphically it does look pretty decent, though a bit jerky in places when in motion. Still though, I think it'll be pretty decent. Not A material, but high B grade stuff.

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