WiiWare Update: Aliens, Brains and Invaders

By Shane Jury 07.11.2008 4

WiiWare Update: Aliens, Brains and Invaders on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo have updated the Wii Shop Channel with three new WiiWare titles this week, including a pinball game and a classic formula turned on its head.

First up is a sequel to the Turbografx game already on the Virtual Console; Alien Crush Returns from Hudson. It follows the same gameplay mechanic as its predecessor in that you play Pinball with an Alien theme, although there is a lot more to this version; Bosses, more than one table, online play and more. A mere 800 Wii points.

Taito bring a twist to their classic Space Invaders design with Space Invaders Get Even. This time around you control the alien invaders as they take revenge and destroy the cities. Only 500 points for this version, although there are another two level packs at 500 points each, so it's more of a 1500 point price if you want the full game.

Lastly, there is Brain Challenge from Gameloft. One of the many Brain Training clones, this one is reportedly one of the superior versions, although the 1000 point price tag won't win it many fans.

Still no Art Style games, or Strong Bad Episode 3 for Europe, maybe next time!

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I may get Space Invaders Get Even.

... Strong Bad?


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I'm really shocked Strong Bad Ep.3 hasn't hit. It's going to arrive in Europe roundabout when Ep.4 comes to the US! Smilie

Alien Crush is pretty fun, but makes me wish Fuse would hurry up and complete the 'rumoured' new Kirby Pinball project!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Space Invaders for me. Loved the new DS game!

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