Professor Layton on Nintendo DS Due for Euro Success?

By Adam Riley 09.11.2008 3

Professor Layton on Nintendo DS Due for Euro Success? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Level-5's Professor Layton and the Curious Village may have taken its time to reach Europe, but it seems the wait has not slowed potential sales. That is if Amazon UK's hourly updated tracking system is anything to go by. The majority of high quality new releases on Wii and DS seem to crash and burn here in the UK (Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations, Dragon Quest IV and Disaster: Day of Crisis being three recent examples). The Japanese company's first game for DS, though, which melds brain teasing puzzles with gorgeous animated sequences, strong voice acting and an intriguing tale of mystery, is causing quite a stir it would seem.

When checking on Saturday 8th November, the day after the game's belated European release, the game peaked at No.10; as of an hour ago, though, it had dipped to No.22, followed by No.25 at the time of writing. This is because the game has now sold out at that particular website. The game's performance will certainly be helped by the strong advertising push so far, with a key example being below:

The final charting position will be revealed when the UK Chart Track listings are updated tomorrow evening. And if readers still need further convincing about buying the game, be sure to check out Cubed3's official review or the European portal for the game.

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Please, I want more of this game!
Japan almost have their third title.
If you havent tried this yet go to
And try the demo!

I'm gonna get this for my Mum for her birthday, she wants it, and I have to say it looks really good.

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I'm so getting this game.

Allthough having just played "SOUL BUBBLES" demo off the wii-channel, I'm tempted to get that first.
(seriously, everyone play that demo! its lovely) <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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