Nintendo Re-Releasing Rhythm Tengoku GBA in Japan

By Adam Riley 24.11.2008 4

Nintendo Re-Releasing Rhythm Tengoku GBA in Japan on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Following the massive success of Rhythm Tengoku Gold on the Nintendo DS in Japan, The Kyoto Company has decided to re-release the original GBA version. The touch-screen edition of the massively addictive rhythm title began on the Game Boy Advance at a time when the little handheld was begin to fade into the shadows of its big brother the DS, yet still managed to attract a strong following. However, despite putting the game in a DS box to spur sales, its popularity was somewhat stunted. Now, though, the new DS version 'Rhythm Tengoku Gold', which will be released in the West early on in 2009 as 'Rhythm Heaven', has become a huge phenomenon in the Land of the Rising Sun, selling nearly 1.2 million copies already, never leaving the Media Create Top 10 since its release a few months back. In fact, even today it has sold through a staggering 95% of its available stock, with Nintendo's Japan office green-lighting a new round of adverts to further promote the title in the run-up to the festive / holiday period.

But that is not all. Since many have been picking up on the fact that this is indeed a sequel, it has left the hordes of DS owners clamouring to get their hands on the GBA original. However, since the game stopped being printed a long while back, copies are hard to find, unless people are willing to fork over a hefty amount of cash to use the eBay route. Thankfully Nintendo has the answer, with a special re-release of the GBA Rhythm Tengoku set to hit Japanese stores on 12th December! With the DSi not having a GBA slot, though, you have to wonder just what Nintendo will do - simply rely on the current DS Lite owning crowd, leaving new DSi owners feeling alienated? Or perhaps boost DS Lite stock for the game's re-arrival at retail, or even put out a limited run of either Game Boy micro units or GBA: SPs.

With any luck Western gamers will be treated to the first Rhythm Tengoku after the DS game's release, perhaps even via the new DSWare download service...

[ Thanks to Jonnyram for the tip ]

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DSi + GBMicro (which should cost like £10 now?) ftw!! Smilie

I have neither atm though....

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

Huh? Isn't the DS version just a remake of the GBA game but with touch screen controls and a bit of extra content?

Not in the slightest - it's a completely brand new game! :-Smilie And a very damn addictive one at that...(Just ask Mason)

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Guest 26.11.2008#4

Where canz I order ds one

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