Little Magician's Screens and Info

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.11.2008 1

Konami have released new details on the upcoming DS RTS adventure - Little Magician's Magic Adventure.

The game sees players heading into the Magic Academy, where you can put your wizarding skills to the test in 52 mysterious and unique mini adventures. There'll be 150 characters to interact with, and over 1,500 unique player customisations including characters, furniture, accessories and spells.

  • Time based evolution ranging from day to night, week to week over 365 days.
  • Single player story mode, 2 player co-op or 4 player co-operative play.
  • Use the standard alphabet or magic alphabet to chat with any player via Wi-Fi.
  • Using the Nintendo DS download stations at retailers consumers can access additional items for their game.
  • Little Magician's Magic Adventure utilizes both Nintendo DS™ screens; one for casting spells and character interaction and the second for telling the game story.
  • Play with up to 4 friends via Wi-Fi to complete tasks together and combine magical abilities.

  • Box art for Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry
    Also known as

    Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times









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    Heard this one was really good. Want to see it in action.

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