NOA Rep: Disaster for US Market

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.11.2008 5

NOA Rep: Disaster for US Market on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A Nintendo customer service representative has confirmed a release for Disaster: Day of Crisis in the US.

Reggie Fils-Aime, president of the US division, recently aired his views on the game - saying he didn't feel it would be worth a $50 price tag, and that the Nintendo of America would wait and see how it performs over in Europe.

However, a NeoGAF member emailed into Nintendo's customer services and received confirmation but no date for Disaster in the US.

I'm pleased to report that Disaster: Day of Crisishas been announced for North America, but no release date yet.

For future reference, our website's Game Guide ( represents the best place to find the most accurate release dates. Once there, use the questions in the left column to narrow your search based on system, genre, online play, etc.

Although a response from Nintendo usually means near-enough official confirmation, representatives have been known to been misinformed at times. Be sure to stick around for official confirmation.

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Be sure to stick around for official confirmation.

I know my 360's just gone tits up, but you'd have to be very bored to hang around in this thread waiting for the inevitable.

Did Spydarlee get much in the way of royalties for the use of his likeness?

Less posty, more gamey.

Well my question to Reggie is why does it have to be a $50 game? If it means dropping the price so it can be released then do it.

Reggie just got pwnd.

"Hey! I thought I said I don't like this game!"
"Tough shit boss D:"

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

I hope it does.

Fucksake. Disaster, a new and decent game, should definitely be in Nintendo's holiday lists. But no, instead there's Wii Music, Animal Crossing as the big 2 Wii hitters. Which, although they are good enough, could really do with some backing up with other types of games - like Disaster.

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