Mario Kart 64 Becomes a Reality

By Jorge Ba-oh 05.12.2008 22

Mario Kart 64 Becomes a Reality on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Rémi Gaillar, famous French prankster, has reenacted Toad's Turnpike level from Mario Kart 64.

The daring chap dons a Mario Costume and decides to zip about France in a kart complete with bananas, golden mushrooms and petrol pumps. The appeal? Oncoming cars and dodging huge lorries as the cheeky plumber had to do in the series' 3D debut on the N64.

Thanks to Game|Life for the tip.

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That was hilarious!

That was completely awesome. If he was a member of C3 I'd mass star himSmilie

~Getting on C3's massive tits since 2K5.~

That's pretty awesome :-D

I wouldn't have the guts to try and pull off something like that.

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IDIOT... but very brave!!

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My new hero.

Wow... There you have it.

Now that is just bloody fantastic!
Can't watch it as I am at school, but it just sounds fecking awesome!

VC is falling even further behind. Nintendo really needs to do updates to make the VC games more up to date and real life. Every old title on XBLA comes with at least costumes and sunlight resolution to take full advantage of most modern eyes.

Our member of the week

He could at least have used the toad's turnpike theme music, instead of using donkey kong jungle park one (town doesn't look too much like jungle ... i guess). But nevertheless, it was awesome and truly brave. I didn't expect the police at the end to let him go with his kart.

Felicitations mec ! T'as prouve que t'avais des couilles Smilie !

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haha, that was v funnySmilie

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That... was... amazing.

I hope he didn't get into too much trouble for it! Simply epic!

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lol that is awesome Smilie Wish I could do something like that XD

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Pure awesome.

That's very cool, sorta makes me want to do something like that myself.

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Be kind of funny if those bananas actually worked.

he was throwing bananas at cars. rofl

Mario, Mega Man and Rayman FTW!!!

...its ashame he's french otherwise i'd give him some credit

Smilie if only the kart was red with a big M on it

Astronomical ownage he is.

Fantastic! EPIC guts

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WTF what a cool man that guy is. How the hell did he get away with somthing like that? That has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen.Smilie

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I saw this on YouTube!

Super Duper Ultra Fun Time!

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