New Tales of Hearts Nintendo DS & Wii Tidbits

By Adam Riley 08.12.2008 6

New Tales of Hearts Nintendo DS & Wii Tidbits on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A few new details have emerged on Tales of Hearts for Nintendo DS and the new Wii Tales due next year in Japan. Considering Tales of Innocence had projected sales of 150,000 unit sales in Japan and exceeded that total, selling nearly 200,000 overall, Bandai Namco upped its expectations of the third DS iteration, Tales of Hearts, with the company hoping to sell 400,000 copies in total. To help the game's cause, since it has an uphill struggle due to launching on the same day as Square Enix's Final Fantasy: Dissidia on PlayStation Portable, the company has been promoting the game at several events, as well as ramping up the marketing in general, plus offering special pre-order bundles and the choice of a 2D anime version or 3D CGI edition.

The new information on the DS Tales is that the number of support characters featured in the game is to be in double digits. In addition, Shing, Kohak, Innes and Beryl all had their Hi Ougis (Mystic Artes) shown off recently. Shing's is Shououjineizan, Kohak's is Satsugekibukouken (Final Fury), Innes' is Neptune Rage, and Beryl's is Crazy Comet (which returns for the first time since Tales of Destiny 2).

On top of this, the new mainline Tales that will appear on Wii was revealed, showing the game to be fully 3D and having a feel similar to the latest release 'Tales of Vesperia' on the Xbox 360.

New battle videos:

Box art for Tales of Hearts

Namco Bandai


Namco Bandai


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Now come out to the West!

When is this coming out?

Super Duper Ultra Fun Time!

Bandai Namco you pricks, I sure hope you take this chance to make up with this tales for the crap support you gave us with ToSDotNW and the fact that you did put a main high budget tales on a console that doesn't even sell in Japan, and that no Tales fan owns, great service for the userbase really -shows middlefinger-

Oh, and while you're at it, we, Wii owners want Team Symphonia's next game to be on the Wii we deserve no less as a leading platform and if you don't comply you're doing anything for us other than being half assed and not putting your best effort HERE.

I think you get quite a great game on Wii, raidzero. It looks promising and not lesser then ToS on Cube was.

I like the graphics-style on this one a lot. I think I will get it. Graphics seems to be above Dreamcast-level. Or at least almost the same...

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Laurelin you\'re saying that regarding ToSDotNW? you surely jest then, a game made 5 years after ToS on the premise of recycling assets and in a more powerful platform to boot (while not using 1/10th of that power), done by a team of unexperienced people on the franchise (and with low budget) while the main team who did ToS is elsewhere and on a console that doesn\'t sell in Japan? it\'s not promising or a great game at that, it\'s mindblowing and completly unaceptable. garbage effort, even if the game is not exactly garbage, it\'s simply not what it should and had to be, be it for ToS as still the highest selling Tales game (which should warrant some budget, and proper treatment, I can\'t see Square-Enix doing a low budget spinoff to FF7 on a leading console for instance, let alone doing it on the premise of recycling 5 year old ancient assets), be it for the Wii, and considering it was Wii\'s antecessor that did put Tales on the map outside Japan and that this time around Wii is the marketleader... they had none other than the obligation to give us Team Symphonia next game, as they indeed tried to cover up and pass as one while unveiling it and in their roadmaps, only to almost kick it around a few months afterwards.

As for the next one for the Wii we\'ve only seen a pic of it, and if anything Team Symphonia just finished a game, the team of unexperienced guys who did ToSDotNW just finished one too (and who\'d want another trainwreck of lame production values and cheapness?) and thus couldn\'t be doing this one. What I\'m saying now is.. Wii is market leader, it sells more in Japan, US, Europe, it\'s also cheaper to develop, and Team Symphonia is their A-string team, so, nothing else is acceptable other than their next project being on the Wii, otherwise Namco are just being lazy twerps on us.

( Edited 08.12.2008 21:08 by raidzero )

the cg movies are nice, in fact both versions are niceSmilie the voice overs are in every movie Smilie i love it

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