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Let's Tap and Tales of Hearts Famitsu Scores


3 Wii/DS games have been rated in the latest Famitsu magazine, including Let's Tap and Tales of Hearts.

Suikoden Tierkreis (DS - 9,8,9,8 - 34/40) - "fascinating" story, no obvious flaws. Dissatisfied with enemy animation/battle AI, but small compared to how polished the game is.

Let's Tap (Wii - 8,7,8,8 - 31/40) - Enjoyment depends on how much players get into the control scheme, reveals a "new realm" for the Wii. Some reviewers wanted more types of games.

Tales of Hearts (DS - 9,8,8,8 - 33/40) - Battles "plain fun", a "tonne of volume" to the game's story. A notable mention for the game's CGI and animated cutscenes, though hoped for more differences between the 2 versions of the game.

Thanks to 1up.

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11.12.2008 11:30



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Well seeing as the last Tales DS game got 7777 28 that\'s certainly a nice improvement! Smilie

And I\'d sooo tap that game. Smilie

( Edited 11.12.2008 19:22 by Simon_ )

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

Very nice score for Tales of Hearts, now lets hope it comes out here. Smilie

I really wish they'd localize Tales of Hearts and Let's Tap. I would actually buy that.

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