Gray Matter Adventure Considered for Nintendo's Wii

By Adam Riley 02.02.2009 7

Gray Matter Adventure Considered for Nintendo

With Broken Sword set to hit Wii in the coming months, it looks like Wii owners could be in for another adventure treat. During an article based around Jane Jensen's Gabriel Knight trilogy, the immensely popular PC point-and-click adventure series that has sadly not seen a fourth entry despite fans and Jensen herself wanting it to happen, it was revealed that her forthcoming new PC adventure mystery 'Gray Matter' could very well be on its way to Nintendo's Wii console.

Indeed, Wii is a special point of focus for her. "It's so fun - it transcends gender. There are plans for a Wii port of Gray Matter, and I hope it happens."

And as for those wondering what will happen in the future for fans of Gabriel Knight,

Jensen remains defiant over the series' future. "As a writer, GK was a real highlight of my career and I would love to do another," she enthuses. "Sadly, there's still no real movement with Vivendi that I'm aware of." The Knight universe also seems the perfect franchise for a film or television series, but again Jensen remains resigned. "There's been interest, and I'm happy to co-operate as far as I can, but nothing concrete has ever happened. Lots of 'Let's do lunch', but no 'Sign here'. That's Hollywood!"

Would you be interested in seeing Gray Matter head to Wii, and what about the possibility of the Gabriel Knight games making a comeback via Wii?

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Never heard of this series admittedly, but more high-quality Adventure Point-'n-Click titles can't be a bad thing. Smilie

Same here - but defo good to hear more p&c would be considered!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Point and Click games seem to be rising in popularity recently.

I wonder if the brain-training games has opened the field for more buyers? <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Darkflame said:
I wonder if the brain-training games has opened the field for more buyers?

I sure hope so, it's one of my favourite genres. I'm going to have to forcibly stop myself from buying Broken Sword yet again soon. Smilie

GK games were things of great interest. Kind of an adult King's Quest set in an modern setting with less silly X-Files feel. Top notch gem in Sierra's crown.

The DS single-handedly revived the pure adventure genre. Nice to see life coming back into it.

Puuka (guest) 11.05.2010#7

I would love to see GK hit the Wii. I played Broken sword for the Wii and it was awesome (with a small frustration over getting in to the underground caverns because the click spot was so small and had a hard time seeing/finding it.)

I played GK a long time ago on the PC and my current GF likes the mystery type of game and I know she would get in to GK as well. If GM is anything like them, then I would get it for the Wii too.

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