New Japanese Trademarks: Shining Force, Tales & More

By Adam Riley 03.02.2009 1

New Japanese Trademarks: Shining Force, Tales & More on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Keeping one eye on the latest trademarks registered over in Japan is a great way of finding out what new titles could very well be on their way. Now some new ones have emerged. First up, Banpresto has registered Super Robot Gakuen, which translates as Super Robot School, whilst Square Enix has trademarked Phantom and Ghost.

In addition to those, SEGA has the following new trademark entries, with many believing Shining Force Cross to be the much-talked about Wii game in the series:

  • Rirupuri
  • Medallounge
  • UFOkeycounter
  • Shining Force Cross / /
Finally, there are three new 'Tales of' trademarks from Bandai Namco:

  • Tales of Floweria
  • Tales of Gracia
  • Tales of Unitia
This is what Bandai Namco always seems to do, with the next entry into the RPG series using just one of the last three trademarks and the others being discarded. Could this mean the earlier news of the next Wii game being called 'Tales of Bataille' are false? Or does this just mean yet another Tales of game is in the works? With another rumour suggesting six Tales of RPGs are due in 2009, it would not be surprising if the latter option of 'another game' is likely.

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None of these Tales games will make it to Europe, six or not.

It's pathetic. Smilie

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