Iwata on 3rd Party Wii, DS Success

By Jorge Ba-oh 03.02.2009 6

Iwata on 3rd Party Wii, DS Success on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has discussed third party success on Wii. It's possible, despite Nintendo dominating.

Nintendo consoles in recent years have been drowned in first and second party goodness, high quality games from the Japanese powerhouse that's caused problems for third parties trying to make a decent buck on the company's living-room boxes.

With the Wii it seems to be a different case, says Iwata:

Also, in the U.S., the third parties titles sold more on Nintendo hardware than on any other platforms for two consecutive months. Some had pointed out in the past that few third party software were successful on Nintendo platforms.

As of the end of March 2008, there were only twelve titles for Wii by third parties whose global unit sales from the launches exceeded one million, and this figure excluded titles from Nintendo and Pokémon Company. However, this number jumped to thirty at the end of December 2008.

Likewise, at the end of March 2008, there were 28 third party DS titles which made the million-sellers list, but the number reached 49 titles at the end of December. As the hardware expand their installed bases, we are starting to see a cycle where more titles from the third parties are making the million sellers list.

The Wii's seen 30 million-sellers from third parties to date, alongside the DS with 49.

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Well with a higher install base that is likely and with the wii in the lead once other games are released the wii might get farther ahead.

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Too bad that among those 30 third party titles for the Wii that got over the million copies sold bar, so few are real hardocre gamer games. Most of 'em a casual shit like carnival games or "make your brain weigh 2 tons" and stuff.

The only interesting third party games that sold over the million, i reckon, are Resident Evil 4 and UC, Guitar hero titles, Rock Band and ... that's all ! That's few, Iwata ! Not that it matters as long as we continue to get lots of interesting games on the Wii though, but it might be worrying if this keeps up. I'd also say that, well... third parties have been rather lazy on the Wii up till now.

Fortunately we're starting to see the trend change, so maybe it could change in the near future.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

You sale if you invest well.

Nintendo\'s always in a loss-loss situation anyway.

If they make kick-arse games, 3rd partys claim users arnt buying their stuff.
If they dont, then gamers whine about not getting anything.

Theres *massive* gaps in the Wii line up ready for 3rd partys to exploit.
They can\'t claim things dont sale because they got nothing to compare too.
Maybe if say, Conduit failed, and a few other simerla games did, then their argument would have weight.
But now its just based on assumptions. The *only* quality 3rd party games that havnt sold that well so far have been Zack & Wiki and Okami...one\'s a port, and ones from a niche genre.
If they are basing assumptions on those two, it would be like claiming it was pointless making anything for the PS2 because Beyond Good and Evil sold terribly on it. (incidently, why the hell arnt we getting the sequal when it sold best on the cube?)

Give us some investment! Show us some good games with decent budgets and then see how things sale.

( Edited 03.02.2009 13:58 by Darkflame )

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I hate that "Nintendo makes such good games that others don't have a chance"-argument. They should make better games, advertise them more and stop griming.

Nintendo fans have high standards, but they're not stupid.

"...high quality games from the Japanese powerhouse that's caused problems for third parties trying to make a decent buck..."

The answer is in the statement... Make high quality games third parties!

Also, in the U.S., the third parties titles sold more on Nintendo hardware than on any other platforms for two consecutive months.

If third party games were selling well (I presuming this is all Nintendo hardware and not just the Wii) than shouldn\'t this number be higher considering the Wii and DS are the of 2 biggest platforms out there?

( Edited 03.02.2009 17:42 by Birdo Is A Tranny )

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