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By Jorge Ba-oh 09.02.2009 8

Sonic and the Black Knight Tidbits on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A small set of info has come about from a Japanese preview of Sonic and the Black Knight.

Sonic's latest storybook-inspired adventure sees the cheeky hedgehog being able to talk to a number of familiar and new faces, including Knuckles and Shadow who seem to have very different agendas. There's a heap of bonus content to collect and unlock, and that's about it for this update..

  • Talk to villages with Z, some may give gifts (much like Unleashed).
  • Gawain (Knuckles) is the second Knight you'll encounter, he doubt's the king's actions.
  • Lancelot (Shadow) follows the king, doesn't question.
  • Instrumental themes for each of the Knights, for the most part will be from previous Sonic titles.
  • 200 items to collect, including special badges for defeating specific numbers of enemies.
  • Unlock character/concept artwork, videos, music .

    Thanks to GoNintendo.

  • Box art for Sonic and the Black Knight





    3D Platformer



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    Wow thats a lot of bonus content how much DVDs is this game on???

    When all is bad don't look for a easy way out. Because you wont know what to do once your out

    ^ Is that sarcasm...?

    I'm actually pretty excited for this game...

    .:Zelda Adventures:.
    u guys are DNA.

    Wait, how's the game gotten a 4 for the reader review score when it's not even out yet? Smilie Smilie

    Because it's Sonic


    ^^Click for a wallpaper version^^

    Mario_0 said:
    Because it's Sonic in 3D which makes it an EPIC FAIL by default.



    And, just kidding. It's probably because people really hate Sonic?

    Nothing really noteworthy there, really.

    ~Getting on C3's massive tits since 2K5.~

    More like NYE NYE NYE BLAHBLAHBLAH PS3 amirite guys?

    That didn't help... but yeah, I can't wait to hear these theme remixes. I have a good idea on all 3 of them.

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    Need to play it before I buy it but it does look promising Smilie

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    Falcon Armour X said:
    Need to play it before I buy it but it does look promising Smilie

    If you liked Secret Rings then you should like this becasue it is a direct sequel.

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    3DS friend code 2878-9581-8999

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