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By Adam Riley 14.02.2009 1

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After the success of the first Let's Make a Pro Baseball Team! on DS in Japan, SEGA has confirmed its sequel is on the way. The sports simulation is set for a Spring 2009 launch and once more has players in the role of a manager trying to create a winning baseball team by drafting in new players, developing their skills, all in the hope of beating your competitors. Although the graphical style is far from realistic, it does contain real player names thanks to SEGA's use of official licensing.

Some of the new updates expected include:

Yakyu Tsuku Japan Road
A new four player wireless mode where players create a team via draft, then face off in a league battle.

Baseball Quest
An evolved version of the original's Sub Scenario mode. Here, you purchase quests from shops and attempt to clear missions. Do so successfully, and you earn rewards.

Ai no Aru Ikusei
As part of this new system, you're free to distribute experience to individual players following matches. This allows you to focus on a particular player's growth.

Skill System
The skill system from the last Yakyu-tsuku game has evolved for this installment. You can now make use of GM Skills, which allow you to give more detailed directions during games. You also have access to High Level Skills along with Skill Combinations, the latter allowing you to combine skills together.

Should SEGA try bringing this baseball game over to the US at least?

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Awesome, I've played the original via a friend who has a copy. I would love it to come over, it's a very fun game once you work it out via guides.

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