Poll: What do you think of Onslaught?

By Jorge Ba-oh 16.02.2009 9

Poll: What do you think of Onslaught? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Hudson has released the first online co-op shooter for WiiWare, Onslaught, but is it worth shelling out points for?

The game's now available to download for 1000 points on the WiiWare service, with the first videos shown late last week. Essentially you take the roll of a military team member who's sent to a distant colony that's been taken over by a horde of alien scumbags.

Add in online co-operative and competition modes, a decent solo experience and you've got yourself a downloadable 3D shooter.

  • Official Onslaught WiiWare website
  • What do you think of Onslaught? Is it worth downloading? Should more complex games like first person shooters be developed for WiiWare, or see bigger releases on disc? Be sure to share your thoughts below..

    User Poll: Poll: Is Hudson's WiiWare Onslaught any Good?

    Great game. Download now!
    Very good. Give it a shot!
    Not too bad. Worth a look.
    Could have been better
    Pants. Avoid!
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    Well, I haven't downloaded it yet, can't really afford to, so I can't have any opinion of it yet, it looks good though.

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    Shouldnt you be telling us ? Smilie

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    Smilie good point

    Darkflame said:
    Shouldnt you be telling us ? Smilie

    Lol, yer, but we\'re trying to open up the news/polls for more user input, plus I couldn\'t find a decent poll question this time round SmilieSmilie

    ( Edited 16.02.2009 16:22 by jb )

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    Pants, muddy ones. The only thing positive I will say, is that it\'s commendable that they brought a MP FPS to Wii Ware. It\'s just a shame it was Japanese made, because that clearly shows.

    I expect a western developer will do a far better job when Nintendo sort out storage and increase file sizes. Until that happens games of this type should remain on disc.

    I find that typeface and neon very disturbing.

    I hope they bring Bonk to Wii Ware.

    ( Edited 16.02.2009 23:01 by Linkyshinks )

    That movie shows some aweful and boring gameplay. But hey, it's a start. They showe that it's possible.

    For 1,000 it looks great. It's more of an arcade-type FPS that could maybe be finished in 4-6 hours. Great value for the points.


    Check out that review. The video looked pretty boring but the review made it sound good. I probably buy it since its only £7.

    -Have you any idea what it's like to be a Fembot living in a Manbot's Manputer's world?

    I'm going to download it but frst finish manhunt. I think it will be fun, am I the only one who thinks serious sam when looking at this?

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