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Headstrong Games: 'Anything For SEGA's Fine!'

Headstrong Games:

In an interview with Cubed3 last week, House of the Dead: Overkill developers Headstrong Games told us they're keen to work with SEGA again in the future, also expressing an interest in a new Virtua Cop. Below is a snippet of the upcoming interview.

Joining in the interview were British Gaming Blog's Mark Brown and N-Europe's Ashley Jones.

Mark Brown, British Gaming Blog: So if SEGA came to you and said 'could you do Virtua Cop: Overkill?', would you be up for it? Spoofing all like old police movies and stuff.

Neil McEwen, Producer of HotD: Overkill : Yeah, I mean the thing is, we spent a lot of time creating our characters, creating that universe, and we know where these characters came from, and where these characters go, and what their fathers and mothers did before. We really worked out this family tree and we kinda know, we've worked out where they go and what happens to them. And we'd love to do Virtua Cop or another light gun game for SEGA. Anything for SEGA's fine!

Mike Mason, Cubed3: Have you considered, like, any other franchises, following on from that, have you thought of any other franchises you'd like to do, SEGA or otherwise really?

NE: The thing is, when SEGA came to us and said they'd like to work with us, we talked about a number of games and I think SEGA picked up on our passion to do The House of the Dead. We went 'yeah we'll do you a House of the Dead!' 'And we'll do this, blah blah... and we can do you Jet Set Radio.' But yeah, definitely, I joined Headstrong about a year ago and I went there to do House of the Dead with a team that absolutely love that game, you could see that they wanted to do something special. I had the best year of my career, it was just fun, we had great fun making that game. I didn't want it to end.

Check back tomorrow when we'll be posting a Cubed3 Podcast Special featuring the entire 30 minute audio interview, wherein Headstrong wax lyrical about their experiences making House of the Dead: Overkill, the troubles of making standout Wii visuals and their obsession with exploitation films.

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Senior ModeratorStaff Member

More Sega and More Headstrong = WIN.

Great stuff Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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