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Inaba-san Working on New Platinum IP

Inaba-san Working on New Platinum IP on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The producer of MadWorld for Wii has confirmed he is already at work on a brand new Intellectual Property. Not content on slogging away with his colleagues at Platinum Games on the SEGA trio of Infinite Line on DS, MadWorld for Wii and Bayonetta on Xbox 360, Inaba-san has confirmed a fourth game is already on its way:

Develop Mag: What are you ambitions for the studio and the Japanese games market in 2009?

Atsushi Inaba: We have been developing games since we started this company. We've got big titles coming out this year, MadWorld releasing very soon and Bayonetta later this year, and we hope they're both going to do very well. I'm also planning for a new IP but I can't reveal any details yet, as I'm sure you'll understand.

It looks like Platinum Games is continuing to pump out brand new content, rather than cash-in by working on existing franchises. But do you agree with the risk-taking approach in the current climate?

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23.02.2009 19:33



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Hell yes. The absence of this thought process has doomed most Japanese developers to continually cannibalize existing products and their storyline (Advent Children), consume other Western studios to expand product line and creativity (Eidos), or struggle outside of their niche country (Japan).

It is refreshing to see devs like Platinum and Grasshopper pushing outward to deliver new gaming experiences constantly.

(Yes, I am very aware of Suda-san's sequels.)

tht wat we need these days not updates of excisting i.p.s but fresh ideas.....i thing tht the gaming industry is starting to gt a bit stale...sick of regular is rewarding wen u play original game like no more heros zack and wiki...

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

i'd bet it's a PSP game (only platform they haven't shown anything for yet)

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Well the PSP has been on a roll in Japan so may turn out to be true.

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Yes, Because people will get bored with it quickly. Even if it is a huge success like Resident Evil they might get a writer's block and run out of themes and stories for them.

When all is bad don't look for a easy way out. Because you wont know what to do once your out

He's already said he's working on something he cannot reveal.

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