Sonic & the Black Knight - Knuckles Trailer, Screens

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.02.2009 5

Sonic & the Black Knight - Knuckles Trailer, Screens on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Sega have put up a heap of new footage and screens from Sonic and the Black Knight, as the blue wonder takes on Knuckles.

In the latest scenes Sonic holds no bars and leaps into action against the world's most amusing red echidna, races up castles, down vast hills and through eternal forests to save the world from another cocky foe. There's also a snippet of what looks to mini-game action, and a little more on the CGI storytelling front.

Image for Sonic & the Black Knight - Knuckles Trailer, Screens

Image for Sonic & the Black Knight - Knuckles Trailer, Screens

More snaps can be found in the game's album below.

Box art for Sonic and the Black Knight





3D Platformer



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Some quality stuff there! Character models look awesome, great work there - animation and design look solid, and swordplay seems to fit pretty well! Can't wait Smilie

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sweet amazon discount <3

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The art direction at times looks top draw. This game looks good, but if it has the same problems as the first Wii game it will fail. The gameplay in these 3D Sonics are always dubious.

I enjoyed the first game and I am expecting at least a few improvements, mainly the way the stages are set out, and attempts at replayability. If it improves on those I'm sure I'll like it, plus there are more playable characters this time.

In any case; can't wait for this one, no surprise there.

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I played the Unleashed demo the other night. It made me want to cry and smile in equal measure. I'm guessing the level I played is a good barometer for the day-time levels in general. It looks lovely, blue skies, grass. I liked the villa/continental feel. Sonic looked good.

But the speed was horrible. Way way too fast 90% of the time. I wanted to look around this gorgeous town, collect rings and explore a bit, but pushing the analogue any more than a 1/4 and the screen went mental, everything speeding up, but his legs would slow down. It's like he's skating (I miss infinity legs). Way too fast, you can't really collect rings, can't take in any of the detail because you just veer into walls. I was being teased with this gorgeous environment, but constantly badgered to get-a-fucking-move-on when I wanted to explore a bit.

The actual 'set-piece' 2D bits were done well enough. I enjoyed going through the motions and the speed suits those sections.

I dunno. It definitely wasn't awful. Even the music was alright. But for every single thing I liked, there was something that spoilt it. There were stickers for some kind of personal finance company on the walls of the town... whaaaa?

On topic, this looks alright. But the premise is still toilet.

Less posty, more gamey.

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