Wii Takes Over a Budget Skyscraper

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.02.2009 6

Wii Takes Over a Budget Skyscraper on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Midas Interactive have announced a budget title due for Wii, a game of office survival - Skyscraper.

The game ties together gun combat, bomb making and puzzle sequences over 20 floors, where survival is key as poor Chris Wilson finds himself in the middle of a hostile takeover. Grabbing a gun and chemicals to forge bombs he sets out to save his colleagues and poor girlfriend.

Image for Wii Takes Over a Budget Skyscraper

Image for Wii Takes Over a Budget Skyscraper

Image for Wii Takes Over a Budget Skyscraper

The game will take over your living room on March 22nd 2009, for £19.99. Also available on PS2 and PC. For more screens be sure to check out the Skyscraper album below... if you dare!

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Hostile takeover lol. It looks like a bad Die Hard.

D: It's beyond me why any dev would do something ridiculous like this. YUCK!

Smiliewow that\'s damn near an N64 game. don\'t even pay attention to the horrid environments, just look at those handsSmilie. They remind me of the Ninja TurtlesSmilie

EDIT: Just noticed how shit the hub is. you have to count the bullets you have left since there\'s no numeric labelSmilie, but the game looks like it\'s lacking depth so it probably won\'t matter anyway

( Edited 26.02.2009 14:08 by J Tangle )

I don't know, I think it looks kind of cool in a crappy kind of way. The price is key, here. If you could get it for like a tenner, it might be a good buy. I like the premise. It's like the original Die Hard.

£20? No thanks. Would do better on WiiWare imo. Main issue I think is the interface design, so badly thought out.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

It looks like CS 1.5

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