Debut Professor Layton Anime Trailers

By Jorge Ba-oh 09.03.2009 6

Debut Professor Layton Anime Trailers on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Professor Layton will be hitting the big screen next January, and the initial trailers and posters have hit the nation.

The tale will be an original one penned by series creator Akihiro Hino, where Professor Layton and apprentice Luke head out on another mysterious journey. Interestingly enough, Masakazu Kubo, who has produced the Pokémon anime films, will be working on the project.

Thanks to Kotaku.

Box art for Professor Layton and the Curious Village








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awesome!!! is that movie being released State side??? on the poster, it looks like Japan only.

i loved this a point, when i would get annoyed i couldn't solve a puzzle.

O the joy of getting stuck on the puzzles......

hopefully the movie won't lose people tryin to keep track...with those...puzzles...Smilie

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Holy shit, I shat bricks.

I really want this to be dubbed, because I love the English voices for the game (finally!). When playing through it, I loved every minute of every anime scene, so I'm certain the movie won't disappoint. What can I say? Bring it on, as fast as possible. Every puzzle has an answer!

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Looks good, would be great to see it dubbed and brought over here, even as a DVD release or something.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Maybe Optimum Home Entertainment will pick it up for a dvd release.
They do a good job with the Ghibli films. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Great! Just got the game, so I hope to make it through to be able to enjoy this even more! Smilie

EDIT: Sort of reminds me of the Animal Crossing Movie. Smilie

( Edited 10.03.2009 03:01 by Keven )

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I still haven't played the (first) game. Waiting for my sisters to buy it for their DS. Smilie

And lol @ that Animal Crossing movie. Somehow makes me want to keep watching.

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