WayForward on Boy and His Blob, DSi Development and More

By Jorge Ba-oh 10.03.2009 3

WayForward on Boy and His Blob, DSi Development and More on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

WayForward recently discussed their forthcoming project, with new details on A Boy and His Blob, and Wii/DS development.

The studio's main focus is on the new Boy and His Blob as a disc release, alongside 2 unannounced Wii titles, and a dark DSi release full of "teenagers dieing and serials killers".

  • WayForward's response to "why now?" with a Boy and his Blob is a "why not?", with the studio enjoying the different abilities and original gameplay.
  • The game is "huge", and wouldn't be suitable for a digital release due to high colour backgrounds and animation. That said WayForward are fans of WiiWare and digital distribution.
  • Game uses Wii Remote and nunchuck combo, classic and possibly the GameCube controller. There's no IR or motion control support.
  • No other versions of Boy and his Blob are in production, but WayForward would like to take the series further.
  • Original VC release for the NES version depends on Majesco.

    For details on Wii/DS development, future plans and more, be sure to check out the full interview at WayForward.

  • Box art for A Boy and his Blob

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    Still recon this wont sale much, and after the retail/distro cut nothing much will be left.

    WiiWare...in eppisodes if nesscery...would work much better, imho.

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    i somewhat agree with dflame.

    a lot of people have grown out of the 8 bit era, let alone a boy and his blob which didn't ripple the waters as a top 10 NES game.

    i don't mind remakes, as long as the remakes include remaking the gameplay or physics and mechanics...this looks the same...beans, blob-morphing, beans. lol

    i see this going bubble bobble route, not so good. (and i loved bubble bobble nes)

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    This can sell. What we need is a lot of advertisement because this style also appeals to the new audience. They just need to be strategic and promote this game.

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