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By Jorge Ba-oh 03.04.2009 4

More FFCC: Crystal Bearers Trailers on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Square Enix has released another bizzare trailer to promote the upcoming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Wii.

The half-a-minute long clip shows a poor chap trapped under a rock, trying to squiggle his away out. Or make weird love to it. Weird? Definitely.

Box art for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Square Enix


Square Enix


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Are they trying to show off the AI or somthing? That NPC's and enimies react to how you change the enviorment?

If it's just some scripted area where this guy is stuck under a rock until you do somthing later in the game it would be kind of pointless showing it off wouldn't it??


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People criticised madworlds publicity. But this is truly bad.
If this was a new franchise I wouldnt be interested.

As it happens I love FF and will get this. Glad its focusing on a single player experience.

This isn't publicity, they're just easter eggs from the website to keep hype to a reasonable level without giving us real trailers. I agree with Mario_0, I think they're showing off the AI. As for the guy under the rock, I think it was meant to show how NPCs reacted to the guy, and how they walked by then stopped to take a look and gasp, then continued on.

I'm pretty sure the game won't be out for a good while yet. These are just little kryptic bits of info, not unsimilar to some sort of viral marketing. Infact it is, isn't it? The more hits the site gets, the more stuff is put on there. It requires the cooperation of communities to uncover the videos and reveal the game's mechanics.

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What the... *lol*

I think it is designed to ask questions about the game. And let's face it: All these bits show, that the new FF is so much different then Crystal Chronicles, that they are great to be shown on the website. I think it's great to see that they put so much effort into the game to make it a true Final Fantasy experience the first part lacked. It's different to Crystal Chronicles.

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

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