Dead Space Extraction Video Interview

By Jorge Ba-oh 09.04.2009 5

Dead Space Extraction Video Interview on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Dead Space Extraction producer Steve Papoutsis recently discussed the game and showed off new footage in a video interview.

The survival horror prequel takes players straight into the break of infection, introducing a new female protagonist and motion/pointer controls. Papoutsis describes some of the unique features over similar rail shooters, and how there's a strong focus on co-operative play.

Thanks to C3 reader Marzy for the tip.

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Video of Dead Space: Extraction looks REALLY good.

I am definitely looking forward to this game next fall.

"not many games have Alt-fire"
I beg to differ, it's in most new FPS games.

"A brand new experience for the Nintendo Wii"
nope, it's an on-rails shooter.. The Wii already has ALOT of those.

The graphics are nice though, and it will probably be interesting to play through the story.

Why can't it be just a regular FPS? Smilie

maeda said:
Why can't it be just a regular FPS? Smilie
Maybe to cover up for the fact they can't do much with the Wii...

I sold my soul to Sony for a PS3...

RATGUOF, it's their problem, not wii's!

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