Infinite Space - New Anime Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.04.2009 2

Infinite Space - New Anime Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Platinum Games has released another trailer for upcoming space RPG/shooter, Infinite Space.

The game allows you to build and pilot your own crafts, from over 150 different designs and crew members. Fly out into the depths of space and do combat with other fleets in realtime. It's out on June 11th in Japan.

Box art for Infinite Space

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Uhhhhh... I think there's something wrong with the embedding or something.

I'd like to have some idea as to this game's release date before I get excited about it. That, and I'd like to know who's working on the story. I love the idea of making a game like this with high-end philosophical sci-fi, but the developers at Platinum Games aren't exactly known for making titles with nuanced, sophisticated storylines.

Now THIS interests me FAR more than MadWorld ever did. Can't wait to see the actual in-game footage. Although I agree with you about wondering just how well the storyline will pan out. Perhaps Platinum should enlist Matsuno...I think his work on MadWorld was somewhat wasted.

gatotsu911 said:
Uhhhhh... I think there's something wrong with the embedding or something.

Is it working now? I get the same problem when videos from Gamekyo are posted...something to do with the 'codebase' they use. I simply removed that line of HTML and it works for me now Smilie

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